So, I must start with an apology and then a bit of a moan (if my wife were reading this, she would say so what is new lol).

I must admit that the spark of writing weekly blogs for the website fizzled out somewhat whilst we have been living through this current phase of the pandemic. I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced a bit of a mood turn, it seemed that I had only just been getting started with Rugby Cubz and then the wind was taken out of my sails with the shutdown of all the outside facilities. I know other like-minded businesses have also been affected and are currently on hiatus.

I wasn’t just feeling sorry for myself in terms of a shutdown of business, and lets be honest some much needed income, but it was for the ASD children that were going to miss out on getting the physical activity that is SO important for them for their health – physical and mental. It is the children that are being affected the most in all of this, and anything I can do to bring a bit of a good and fun and safe experience to them is what I find so fulfilling and rewarding. Even if it is just for less than an hour a week, which is what has been so frustrating. All the outside activity facilities just shut. Which I completely understand of course, safety first, but it has been frustrating none the less.

Anyway, so I decided that during the down time I would try to investigate ways of best promoting Rugby Cubz and its vision and was pointed in the direction of becoming a Community Interest Company social enterprise. When I thought about it, I figured that it was such a good and natural fit for what I am trying to do that really it was a no-brainer, and added to that it may lead to some help with grants and sponsorship and the like. So, I joined the Social Enterprise NI group which I am absolutely thrilled about, and am now in the process of formally turning Rugby Cubz into a CIC through Companies House, with the kind help and assistance of Newry and Mourne Enterprise Agency.

In the meantime, just next week to go of current restrictions and all being well Rugby Cubz should be good to get back up and running again from the week after next. Looking forward to getting back to it very much.


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