Its been some year hasn’t it? Who would have thought that we would be in the middle of a pandemic this time last year? And personally, its been a challenge for several reasons, not least losing my job. However, as the saying goes, out of the darkness comes light, and I am using the opportunity to finally do something that I have always wanted to do. Work for myself, using the skills that rugby has brought to me over the years.

Is setting up a small business always like this? There are so many hoops to jump through! Especially in these strange times, where on top of normal business practices one also must think about Covid safety.

But the thing that drives me to set up Rugby Cubz is one thing, getting rugby to children that deserve and want to do it! I know I can sound like a broken record droning on and on about it lol, but really – there is no other sport that is as inclusive. Being involved with Newry RFC with the girl’s team is a joy, and I feel passionately that rugby can be played by absolutely anyone. Including children with additional needs, which is why I feel so strongly about what Rugby Cubz can do!

It is a step into the unknown for me, but its exciting, and I cannot wait to get started. Come with me on the journey and let us bring rugby to ALL our children. For I have seen how it can enhance and grow them, give them confidence, where they can learn that there is no limit to what they can do in life.