So its been quite an eventful week! What with reaching out to local groups and parents, getting the fantastic website up and running (huge thanks again to Richard Reynolds at RR Marketing). All that plus getting a venue organised to run some first sessions (thanks to Ivan at the Abbey Grammar for his kind assistance).

The response from the local community has been fantastic. I have rather been overwhelmed with the feedback I have received. Not just from local parents but from local charities and even the Southern Trust.

It is still challenging times though for all of us. Most especially for our children. They of all groups do not deserve to miss out on having a normal and happy childhood, with access to all the activities that they need to develop themselves socially, physically, and educationally.

All we can do I guess is carry on looking after ourselves and the people we love. Of course keeping aware of our own responsibilities in terms of hygiene and safety.

For my part, I will keep on keeping on with Rugby Cubz and our mission!